Ms. Mona is an ambitious, persevering and self-confident individual. She inspired her dream from the excellence that she managed to achieve in the academic and educational fields, the realm of which she went through with soaring skills, professionalism and competence. That dream, she sought to achieve through perseverance and the acquisition of knowledge, and devoted her creative energies to serve the people of her community, especially the kids whom she was very passionate to serve. In this field her touches were conspicuous, and her imprints existed in every angle and corner of all the educational platforms that she stood on, as persistence and determination were the two key elements in Ms. Mona’s formula of success and self-confidence.


Ms. Mona graduated from the Female Teacher College of Education in Madina, after obtaining a diploma in Home Economics and Art Education in 2004, as well as a Montessori diploma from the Institute of Canada (3-6 years), Arabic Language Montessori Diploma and Montessori Diploma (0-3) from the Arab Republic of Egypt.



  • Upon her graduation, Ms. Mona started her career just like any other ambitious person, by joining the realm of academic institutions, and embarked on teaching in the public education schools. Then she joined the Academic Company of Educational Services as an accredited trainer during the period 1434-1435H, and participated in the National Project of Developing the Kindergarten Curricula, where the implementation of the Montessori curriculum was supervised in 10 government kindergartens after training the staffs and preparing and equipping the educational settings.
  • Contracted with the University of Dar Al-Hekma to teach courses in Montessori curriculum from 2015 to the present time.
  • Worked during the period 1423-1431H with special needs children by teaching children with Down syndrome and children with autism as well as assuming supervisory tasks. She also established a year round professional skill club to rehabilitate special needs girls, in addition to her contributions to establishing several Montessori clubs for children.
  • Organized several workshops during the annual Creative Childhood Forum at Dar Al-Hanan Schools for Girls in Jeddah, under the auspices of the Saudi Ministry of Education.
  • Contributed to the launch of the “Petal” project, which provides various programs for ordinary students and girls with special needs of the above 15 years age category, in addition to providing educational and cultural courses for mothers and female caregivers.
  • Mona had active participation in the various exhibitions in which the creations and works of special needs club girls were presented in order to prepare them to enter the workforce.
  • She was ranked as the first Saudi coach of Jumping Clay program for special needs children.



In order to refine her career with diverse experiences and competencies, Ms. Mona was keen to support her academic and work skills with training courses in various specializations and fields, the matter which honed her experiences and strengthened her cognitive skills, and thereby boosted her to achieve her mission through which she strives to serve the future generations.


  • EDY Manchester.
  • The Portage (the Ideal Center for Qualification).
  • Training of Trainers (TOT) at the ordinary and advanced levels.
  • Accredited courses in the special needs of children with Down syndrome and autism.
  • A course in the Development of Personal Empowerment Skills (Coaching).
  • A course in Personal Analysis of Handwriting, the levels 1,2 and 3.
  • A course in Children’s Drawings Analysis from the Handwriting Analysis Academy.
  • Jumping Clay program (50 training hours).